How to use WPForms Smart Tags in Custom HTML field

Views for WPForms supports adding Custom HTML field to Multiple Entries or Single Entry View. Apart from text/html you can also use WPForms Smart tags inside it.

To add Custom HTML field click on Add Field link & Select Custom HTML from fields list

forms custom html

Now click on gear icon to open field settings.

wpforms views setting icon

Add text/html or smart tag inside the Custom HTML box

wpforms views custom html settings

Below is a list of WPForms Smart Tags you can use inside Custom HTML field:

  • Basic Smart Tags
    • {admin_email}
    • {field_id="#"}
    • {field_html_id="#"}
    • {field_value_id="#"}
    • {all_fields}
    • {entry_id}
    • {form_id}
    • {form_name}
    • {page_title}
    • {page_url}
    • {page_id}
    • {date format="m/d/Y"}
    • {url_referer}
  • Unlock Hidden User Data
    • {user_ip}
    • {entry_geolocation}
    • {user_id}
    • {query_var key=""}
  • Author Details
    • {author_id}
    • {author_display}
    • {author_email}
  • User Management
    • {user_display}
    • {user_full_name}
    • {user_first_name}
    • {user_last_name}
    • {user_email}
    • {user_meta}
    • {url_login}
    • {url_logout}
    • {url_register}
    • {url_lost_password}

You can read more about Smart Tags on WPForms Site.