How to edit WPForms Entries from Frontend

Views for WPForms not only let you show entries but you can also edit the entries directly from the frontend.

If you haven’t created your first view then you can check the following tutorials about how to 

NOTE: You will need a Developer license of Views for WPForms.

Also check how to create a form and manage its entries.

Edit Entry Addon works by pre-filling the form fields with entry data & when you submit the form it will update the existing entry rather then creating new entry.

You can test the Edit Entry feature from try editing entry page.

Steps to Enable Edit Entry in Views for WPForms

  • Create a new WPForms view by navigating to WPForms Views -> Add New or Edit your existing view.
  • Under Submission List add Edit Entry field. This link will automatically get converted to a link where the entry can be edited.Edit WPForms View ‹ WPForms Views — WordPress.png edit entry e1609837911741
  • Now under View Settings -> Edit Entry -> Enter Edit Page Link you have to add the link to the page you have your form in front end. Edit WPForms View ‹ WPForms Views — WordPress.png entry
  • Click on the Publish/ Update button.

How to Edit WPForms Entries in Frontend

  • Once you have added an ‘Edit Entry’ link in your view then open the view in the frontend.
  • Now click on the edit entry link and it will automatically redirect you to the page where you have your form ( the link you added under Edit Entry tab in backend ). testing WPForms Views.png edit mail
  • The form will be prefilled with all the entry data which you can change and submit.
  • On form submission it won’t create a new entry instead it will update the existing entry.