Views for WPForms

v3.0.8 (16th May 2023)
Fix: Fixed smart tags not working in custom html field if added before/after view data.

v3.0.7 (9th May 2023)
New: Added wp filter to display/hide label of field.
Fix: Fixed DataTables buttons setting not saving.
Fix: Fixed warnings if custom html field is added before or after view data.

v3.0.6 (4th April 2023)
New: Google Maps add-on is now available in professional & developer license.

v3.0.5 (4th April 2023)
Fix: View id won't be removed from url when search form is cleared.
Fix: 4 & 3 column cards List View theme should now adapt to 1 column card on mobile screen.

v3.0.4 (20th March 2023)
Fix: Editing view for non-admin user should work fine now.

v3.0.3 (17th March 2023)
Fix: PHP Notice in search widget.
Fix: Edit View page in admin not working for some wordpress sites.

v3.0.2 (6th March 2023)
New: Added new field Entry Author to display Submitted entry Author Name.
New: Added support for geolocation {entry_geolocation} smart tag.

v3.0.1 (6th March 2023)
New: Added new field Resume Entry Link if Save and Resume Add-on is installed.

v3.0 (4th March 2023)
/* This is a major update. Please backup site before updating */
New: Updated Views UI to use Gutenberg components !!
New: Added Entry Status Field.
New: Added option to Display partial Entries.

v2.2.3 (21st Feb 2023)
Fix: Fixed compatibility with WPForms v1.8+.

v2.2.1 (15th Feb 2023)
Fix: Fixed Pagination link if site url and home url are different.
Fix: Sorting by entry date from frontend.

v2.2 (24th Jan 2023)
New: Added Support page.
New: Added Addons page.
Fix: Upload field was displaying incorrect link if field is empty.
Fix: Fixed Pagination start number in Pagination Info.

v2.1.9 (20th Jan 2023)
New: Added compatibility with DataTables addon v2.0.

v2.1.8 (7th Jan 2023)
New: Added filter 'wpf_views_shortcode_content' to filter view content.

v2.1.7 (28th Dec 2022)
New: Added option to mark entry as read when viewing single entry page.

v2.1.6 (19th Dec 2022)
New: Added option to unapprove entries after editing entry from frontend.

v2.1.5 (14th Dec 2022)
Fix: Added Inline Edit addon Jquery UI style options.
Fix: Removed scroll from datatable view.

v2.1.4 (13th Dec 2022)
New: Added Inline Edit addon options.
Fix: Updated .pot file for "No records found" string.

v2.1.3 (30th Nov 2022)
New: Search form fields can be now be reordered.
Fix: Fixed php notice if upload field is empty.

v2.1.2 (21st Nov 2022)
New: Improved UI for Field setting popup.
Fix: Field value filter hook will run for empty fields

v2.1.1 (14th Nov 2022)
New: Partial Entries created by Save and Resume addon won't display in view.

v2.1 (7th Nov 2022)
New: Clear button will now refresh the page and reload view.
Fix: Filter will now fine fine if field value contains single quote.

v2.0.13 (21st Oct 2022)
Fix: Fatal error in displaying Entry date.

v2.0.12 (20th Oct 2022)
Fix: Option not selected if apostrophe is present in drodpdown field in search form.

v2.0.11 (6th Sep 2022)
New: Added support for "hide empty fields" for DataTables.

v2.0.10 (5th Sep 2022)
New: Added filter wpf_views/mysql_date_string to filter mysql date format before mysql query.
Fix: Fixed Filter by Date custom format 'D, j M Y'.

v2.0.9 (18th July 2022)
Fix: Removed conflicting css for mark tag.
Fix: Fixed Filter by Date custom format 'Y-m-d'.

v2.0.8 (9th July 2022)
Fix: Entry ID field should display fine now in search form.
Fix: Fixed Filter by Date field not working properly.

v2.0.7 (27th June 2022)
New: Added description for custom html field.
Fix: Optimized css code.

v2.0.6 (25th April 2022)
New: Search will now do partial search for text fields.

v2.0.5 (11th April 2022)
New: Added option to sort by field values in table view from frontend.

v2.0.4 (17th Feb 2022)
New: Added option to open images in new tab on click inside view.

v2.0.3 (4th Jan 2022)
New: Added pre-built themes for table & List layout.

v2.0.2 (9th Dec 2021)
New: Added option to Duplicate Views.
New: UI/UX design improvements

v2.0.1 (6th Dec 2021)
Fix: DatePicker not displaying for Entry Date search field.

v2.0 (3 Dec 2021)
New: Entry Date can be now added to Search Form with option to search by single Date or Date Range.
New: WPForms Date field display datepicker in search form, field can be configured to have date range or single date.
Fix: Multiple checkbox & Select field will display labels instead of values.

v1.9.9.5 (23 Nov 2021)
Fix: Multiple checkbox & Select field will display values separated by comma in frontend.

v1.9.9.4 (12 Nov 2021)
New: Added new option in view settings to update "No records found" text.
Fix: Images not displaying if more than 1 file was uploaded.

v1.9.9.3 (12 Nov 2021)
Fix: Filter using WPForms Hidden field should work now.

v1.9.9.2 (10 Nov 2021)
New: Updated translation file with new strings.
New: Updated plugin updater to display notification about new update available.

v1.9.9.1 (21 Oct 2021)
Fix: View setting hiding if Table View is selected.

v1.9.9 (16 Oct 2021)
New: Rows can be now reordered in Views.
New: Custom values can be set for dropdown, checkbox, radio fields in filter.

v1.9.8 (2 Oct 2021)
Fix: Admin will see all entries.
Fix: Search will display "no records found" id there are no entries.

v1.9.7 (13 Sep 2021)
Fix: Clear button not working correctly in Search Form.
New: Inline Edit Addon is now available!.

v1.9.6 (28 Aug 2021)
Fix: Few strings missing translations.

v1.9.5 (26 Aug 2021)
Fix: Textarea field not displaying new lines in text.

v1.9.4 (20 Aug 2021)
Fix: Fixed filter by Date field not working.

v1.9.3 (12 Aug 2021)
New: Added support for Delete Entries Addon.

v1.9.2 (7 Aug 2021)
New: Added Access Permission settings for Views.
New: Moved License settings page to Settings Page

v1.9.1 (28 July 2021)
Fix: Entry Date not displaying in List View.
Fix: Code optimzations.

v1.9 (26 July 2021)
New: Added Clear Form Button option in Search Widget.
New: Added "contains" option in filter.
New: Filter & Sort tab will display Active/InActive status .
New: Checkbox, Radio & Dropdown fields will have prefilled values when setting filter.
Fix: Cleaned up fields list in filter, sort & search.
Fix: Search by entry ID was not working.
Fix: UI/UX improvements.

v1.8.13 (12th July 2021)
Fix: Sorting by date-time field should work fine now.

v1.8.12 (5th July 2021)
New: Added filter "wpf_views_after_table_row".
Fix: Fixed sequence number not working correctly if there are multiple views on page.

v1.8.11 (9th June 2021)
New: Added option to hide empty fields in List View.

v1.8.10 (28th May 2021)
Fix: Fixed duplicate entries showing when searching.
Fix: Fixed date fields displaying 2 times in View.
Fix: UI/UX improvements.

v1.8.9 (27th May 2021)
New: Added Date Merge Tags in filters.

v1.8.8 (14th May 2021)
New: Added WPForms smart tags support in Custom HTML field.

v1.8.7 (10th May 2021)
New: Website/URL field will now be clickable.
New: Email field can be made clickable to create new email on click.

v1.8.6 (5th May 2021)
New: Added Custom HTML field to multiple entries & single entry View.

v1.8.5 (19th April 2021)
New: Added Entries Count Field.
New: Added Entry ID Field.
New: Added Sequence Number Field.

v1.8.4 (8th March 2021)
Fix: Entries displaying if user not logged-in & display only logged-in user entries is checked.

v1.8.3 (2nd March 2021)
Fix: Sort by Number field not working correctly.

v1.8.2 (26th Feb 2021)
New: Merge Tags are now supported in Filter Values!
New: "All Fields" for search Form to search data in all saved fields.

v1.8.1 (12th Feb 2021)
Fix: Sort by Entry date not working in DataTable View

v1.8 (31st Jan 2021)
New: Added option to display Entry Date in View.
New: Added support for Single Entry View.
New: Single Entry View is now available in Developer license.

v1.7.2 (8th Jan 2021)
Fix: Custom labels setting not saving.

v1.7.1 (2nd Jan 2021)
New: Added option to add all Form Fields at once.
Fix: When adding Rows you will be asked for row layout selection first.
Fix: Changing to list view won't reset the layout.
Fix: Field popup won't close after adding a new field to view.
Fix: Minor UI fixes

v1.7 (21 Dec 2020)
Fix: Filter & Search by submission id should work fine now.

v1.6 (18 Dec 2020)
New: Added option to hide View data until search is performed.

v1.5 (16 Nov 2020)
Fix: Warnings showing in case view is not set to display viewed & starred entries.
New: Added support for DataTables resposive & pdf settings.

v1.4 (29 Oct 2020)
New: Added option to filter entries by submissions date.
Fix: Table can be scrolled if columns are too many.

v1.3 (22nd Oct 2020)
New: Added filter "wpf_views_get_submissions_args" to allow modify query before displaying views.

v1.2.5 (23rd Sep 2020)
Fixes: Minor design fixes
New: Made changes for Edit Entries Addon support

v1.2.4 (21st Sep 2020)
New: Added filters "wpforms_view_query_joins" & "wpforms_view_query_where" to allow modify query before displaying views.
Fixes: Minor design fixes

v1.2.3 (14th Sep 2020)
Fixed: Upload File links not displaying if more than 1 file is uploaded.

v1.2.2 (11th Sep 2020)
New: Option to display only logged in Users Entries
New: Display Uploaded file as Link or Image in View

v1.2.1 (26th Aug 2020)
Fixed: HTML field value not saving text
Fixed: Updater should work fine now
*Few design tweaks

v1.2 (24th Aug 2020)
Fixed: Search not working for Dropdown & Checkbox Fields.
Fixed: Sorting not working
*Few design tweaks

v1.1 (21 Aug 2020)
* Added starred & viewed entries filter.

Edit Entry Addon

v2.1.3(16th May 2023)
Fix: Conditional logic not working .

v2.1.2(10th May 2023)
Fix: Compatibility issue with Inline Edit Notification not working.

v2.1.1 (6th Feb 2023)
Fix- Fixed fatal error on date field if using dropdown format.

v2.1 (13th Jan 2023)
Fix- Fixed error on editing entry if no fields are hidden.

v2.0 (6th Jan 2023)
New- Added option to hide form fields when editing entry.
New- Payments won't process when editing entry.
Fix- User meta will update correctly when editing entry of a form having User Registration enabled.

v1.9.9.6 (4th Jan 2023)
Fix- added compatibility with user registration addon v2.0+

v1.9.9.5 (19th Dec 2022)
New- Added wordpdress filter 'wpf-views/edit-entry/entry-email-process' to enable/disable email notification processing after editing entry .

v1.9.9.4 (18th Nov 2022)
Fix- Query values from url take preference while prefilling fields for editing entry.

v1.9.9.3 (12th Nov 2022)
Fix- Fix multiple choices values not prefilling.

v1.9.9.2 (5th Aug 2022)
Fix- Dropdown values not prefilling if default values is set from admin.

v1.9.9.1 (16th July 2022)
Fix- Comment Status will not be reverted back to close if editing entry and using Post Submission addon.

v1.9.9 (1st July 2022)
Fix-Editing Likert Scale field will work fine now.

v1.9.8 (21st June 2022)
Fix- Fixed Editing fields which has show values settings checked.

v1.9.7 (17th Feb 2022)
Fix- Multiple values being stored in database if form has more then 30 fields.

v1.9.6 (17th Jan 2022)
Fix- Values not pre-filling for Dropdown with multiple values.

v1.9.5 (27th Nov 2021)
Fix- Dynamic checkbox values resetting during entry update.

v1.9.4 (20th Nov 2021)
Fix- Values of fields hidden by conditional login getting reset on entry update.

v1.9.3 (10th Nov 2021)
New: Updated plugin updater to display notification about new update available.
Fix- Edit Entry form not submitting if multiple file upload field are present & set as required.

v1.9.2 (16th Oct 2021)
Fix- Edit Entry form not submitting if file upload field is required.

v1.9.1 (6th Oct 2021)
New- Integration with User Registration Addon.

v1.9 (7th Aug 2021)
New- Added option to select user role who can edit entries.

v1.8 (28th Juky 2021)
New: Added option in notification to send it only when editing entries.
Fix: Delete icon was not visible when editing files.

v1.7 (28th May 2021)
New: Fixed all upload files being removed while editing entries .

v1.6 (15th May 2021)
New: Added support for upload field when editing entries.

v1.5.4 (4th May 2021)
Fix: Date field will be prefilled correctly if displayed as dropdown.

v1.5.3 (16th March 2021)
Fix: No Abandon entries will be created if user is editing entries.

v1.5.2 (8th March 2021)
New: Admins can now Edit Entries of other users.

v1.5.1 (4th March 2021)
Fix: Updating Post will keep the existing Post Status.

v1.5 (26th Feb 2021)
Fix: Editing Entry will now correctly updates data in the fields table in DB.

v1.4 (23 Feb 2021)
Fix: Confirm Email& Simple Name field not prefilling.

v1.3 (18 Feb 2021)
- Added support for Post Submission Addon.

v1.2 (15 Jan 2021)
- Fixed payments fields not populating while editing entries.

v1.1.1 (30 Dec 2020)
- Fixed fatal error in case WPForms is not installed.

v1.1 (29 Dec 2020)
- Fixed radio, date & address fields not populating automatically while editing entries.

v1.0 (23rd Sep 2020)
- Initial Version

DataTable Addon

v2.0.7 (21st April 2023)
Fix: Sorting by Entry date from view column header should work fine.
Fix: Fixed issue for view displaying empty entries on search if logged in user has non-admin role.

v2.0.6 (25th March 2023)
Fix: Displaying partial entries should work fine now.

v2.0.5 (24th Feb 2023)
Fix: Fixed DataTable pagination hiding if pagination info is not added to page.

v2.0.4 (31st Jan 2023)
Fix: Fixed DataTable not working if jquery is loaded in wp footer.

v2.0.3 (25th Jan 2023)
New: Added wp filter 'wpf_views/datatables/output' to filter table output before render.

v2.0.2 (23rd Jan 2023)
Fix: Buttons won't show up if not added from view.
New: Added js hook 'wpf-views-datatables/event/draw' on table draw.

v2.0.1 (20th Jan 2023)
Fix: Fixed sorting.

v2.0 (20th Jan 2023)
New: DataTables now uses Ajax to render table. Better performance for large entries table.
New: Pagination uses Ajax in table.

v1.4.5 (24th Nov 2022)
New: Updated pot file for translated strings for DataTable buttons.

v1.4.4 (7th Sep 2022)
New: Added support for "Hide Empty Fields" in DataTables responsive mode.

v1.4.3 (31st Aug 2022)
New: Added pot file for language translation.

v1.4.2 (15th June 2022)
Fix: Fixed issue displaying more than one DataTable View on same page.

v1.4.1 (10th Nov 2021)
New: Updated plugin updater to display notification about new update available.

v1.4 (7th Aug 2021)
- Moved License field to Settings field.

v1.3 (28 July 2021)
- DataTables scripts will only load on pages where it's added.
- Fix DataTables not working if jquery is loaded in site footer.

v1.2.1 (2nd Jan 2021)
- Fixed sorting not applying on initial page load.

v1.2 (16 Nov 2020)
- Added option to make datatables responsive.
- Added option to set export pdf page size & orientation.

v1.1 (21 Sep 2020)
- Added option to display datatables buttons above or below view.

v1 (27th Aug 2020)
- Initial release

Single Entry Addon

v1.7.2 (9th May 2023)
Fix: Fixed warnings if edit entry field is added to single page.

v1.7.1 (6th March 2023)
New: Added Print Single Entry field to print single entry view.

v1.7 (20th Jan 2023)
Fix: Added compatibility with DataTables Addon v2.0.

v1.6.9 (10th Jan 2023)
Fix: Added check for authentication before displaying single entry.

v1.6.8 (7th Jan 2023)
New: Added filter 'wpf_views/single_entry/endpoint' to change endpoint name.
New: Added filter 'wpf_views/single_entry/go_back_link' to change back link on single entry page

v1.6.7 (28th Dec 2022)
New: Added option to mark entry as read when viewing single entry page.

v1.6.6 (9th July 2022)
Fix: Check for view id before displaying single entry.

v1.6.5 (27th Jan 2022)
Fix: Missing slash in single entry link.

v1.6.4 (6th Dec 2021)
Fix: 404 page error on single entry click.

v1.6.3 (19th Nov 2021)
Fix: Fixed Single Entry View not working on Homepage.

v1.6.2 (10th Nov 2021)
New: Updated plugin updater to display notification about new update available.

v1.6.1 ( 28th Aug 2021 )
New - Added option to hide empty fields in Single View.

v1.6 ( 7th Aug 2021 )
- Moved License field to Settings field.

v1.5 ( 28th July 2021 )
Fix - Entry Date not displaying correctly in single view.
Fix - Website & Email links were not working.

v1.4 ( 15th May 2021 )
New - Added smart tags support in Custom HTML field.

v1.3 ( 10th May 2021 )
New - Added Custom HTML field support

v1.2 ( 16th Feb 2021 )
Fix - Entry date not displaying in correct layout

v1.1 ( 12th Feb 2021 )
Fix - Entry date not displaying

v1.0 ( 31st Jan 2021 )
- Initial Version

Approved Entries Addon

v1.2.2 (10th Feb 2023)
New: Entries will be marked unapproved by default on new form submissions.

v1.2.1 (19th Dec 2022)
New: Added option in View settings to unapprove entry after editing in frontend.

v1.2 (3rd Sep 2022)
New: Added approval status field in View fields.
New: Added approve entry field in View fields.

v1.1.1 (10th Nov 2021)
New: Updated plugin updater to display notification about new update available.

v1.1 (7th Aug 2021)
- Moved License field to Settings field.

v1.0 (1st Aug 2020)
- Initial Release