How to allow users to delete WPForms Entries from frontend

Note: This requires Developer License of Views for WPForms.

First make sure you have Delete Entries addon installed and activated on your site. You can download it from your account page

Steps to Enable Delete Entry in Views for WPForms

  • Create a new WPForms view by navigating to WPForms Views -> Add New or Edit your existing view.
  • Under Entry List add Delete Entry field. This link will automatically get converted to a link where the entry can be edited.
    delete entry link

  • Click on the Publish/ Update button.

How to Delete WPForms Entries from Frontend

  • Once you have added an ‘Delete Entry’ link in your view then open the view in the frontend.
  • Now click on the delete entry link and it will ask you for confirmation and if you click ok then that entry will be deleted.
  • Admin user and user who created the entry can delete entries from site frontend. delete entry in list view

Allow Other users to delete entries from frontend

You can set which user role can delete the entries from Views.

To select user role go to WPForms Views => Settings => Access Permissions => Delete Entries.

views delete entries access permissions