Sort WPForms Entries by Field Value

Views for WPForms can sort WPForms Entries displayed in View by field value. You can add multiple conditions to sort the entries. So, if you have created a table or list view for the entries then their sequence can be managed using the Sort setting.

Check the article on How to create, Edit, and Delete WPForms Entries.

Steps to Sort WPForms Entries by Field Value

1. First edit your view

Go to WPForms Views -> Views page and then edit the View you want to sort.

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2. Click on Sort Settings

Open the Sort Settings section in View Settings sidebar.

wpforms views sort settings

3. Select the Form Field to Sort the results

Click on Add new Sort Condition button and select the form field with which you want to sort the entries by default.

You can sort by multiple field values, click on the “Add new Sort Condition “ button again to add more sort conditions.

wpforms views sort by multiple fields

4. Save View

save wpforms views