How to Display only Starred Entries in Frontend

WPForms has a built- in feature that lets you ‘star’ important entries in the backend. When combined with Views for WPForms then it becomes a powerful moderation tool to show only the desired entries in Frontend.

How to Star WPForms entries from Backend

  • Go to WPForms -> Entries from the backend of your WordPress
  • Select the form for which you want to ‘star’ the entries.
  • Opent the entry which you want to ‘star’.
  • In the right sidebar you will get the option to ‘star’ the entry. Click on it will ‘star’ the entry and automatically reload the page.
  • You can also unstar the entry anytime.
Form Entries ‹ WPForms Views — WordPress.png5

How to Display only Starred Entries in Frontend

  • Go to Views for WPForms and edit the view for which you want to only display the starred Entries.
  • Under View Settings, check the View only Starred Entries checkbox.
  • Update the view and the frontend entries will now be restricted to only starred entries.
Edit WPForms View ‹ WPForms Views — WordPress.png4

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